Julius reveals how his experience as a DP+ can make a huge impact on your next video project. He'll also explain the secrets to capturing the hearts, minds and souls of your viewers.

In the second video, Julius describes the difference between a cameraman, videographer and cinematographer / director of photography and why it's important for you to know.


What Is DP+? — A good Director of Photography (DP) should have more than a great eye for lighting and composition. A DP+ is a creative partner thru all phases of production, from pre-production meetings to premier showing. Solving problems, suggesting improvements and helping to deliver the most effective video message possible.



Know The Difference — A seasoned cinematographer or Director of Photography can make a big difference on the look and feel of your next video production. But, what’s the difference between a cameraman and director of photography? Or between a videographer and cinematographer? Knowing the difference can save you time, effort and money.


It was love at first sight

Yup! Me at an early age, falling in love and mesmerized by the images I see on screen… nothing has changed.